ptesen (+54 9 2323) 42 1140 /43 0089 Lunes a Viernes de 09:00 a 17:00 hs. J.M. Pérez 977 - Luján - Bs. As.
ptesen (+54 9 2323) 42 1140 /43 0089 Lunes a Viernes de 09:00 a 17:00 hs. J.M. Pérez 977 - Luján - Bs. As.

About Us

We are Del Plast Envases Flexibles SA, the leading company in Argentina in the manufacture of Big Bags (FIBC) and Internal Liners for Big Bag (FIBC) and Big Box. Actually we are producing big size liners for the diary, the mining, the food and any kind of industry that requires transportation and/or storage bulk. Liners are made of low-density polyethylene and also high barrier materials (EVOH), and aluminium film.

Since 1992, we became in what we are now thanks to our capacity to react and answer to the necessities of our customers, our innovating capacity and the excellent quality of our products, always complying with the standard regulations


Our vision is to expand our leadership in the regional and international level by exporting our valuable products to new frontiers. To achieve it, we have invested in equipment and cutting-edge technology what has allowed us to increase the variety of products and to accomplish the productivity desired. Concurrently, we encourage three important pillars that for us are fundamental: transparency in our relationships with our stakeholders, commitment to the delivery of our product with the punctuality and quality that characterizes us and an innovating culture, required to develop and implement ideas to comply with the demands of our customers.


A strategic alliance with a supplier is fundamental to have an exceptional combination of service level and customer satisfaction, in order to guarantee the achievement of the commitments made. We are based on the principle of building a partnership with the best raw material suppliers of the world that are related to the production, keeping a strong commercial bond since the beginning to the present day. Now we have also implemented to the liner complementary products, such as Big Bag (FIBC) or Big box, offering a complete solution.

We also aspire to create a strong and lasting bond with our customers, in order to work together to contribute to the engineering and the continuous improvement of our products. The continuous evolution of our products shows clearly the importance that we give to the requests made by our customers.


On continuous search

To reach new levels of quality and service, we have invested in equipment having available cutting-edge German technology which allows us to manufacture with more precision and faster, achieving our main goal which is to maximize the value of the products delivered to our customers.

Modular System

The modular system that we use has introduced more flexibility in the production process and has also allowed us to develop a large variety of liners to satisfy all the market needs. Its great efficiency has helped to quickly accomplish all the expectations of our customers.